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Public speaking

Top 10 Causes of Speech Anxiety That Create Fear of Public Speaking

When I was just starting out in my journey as a business owner, I never imagined how crucial it was for me to get comfortable, not only with taking risk, but with speaking to complete strangers about my work. Of course, it’s the part I look forward to most now — the opportunity to connect […]

Public speaking

Anxiety And Public Speaking Techniques: Unleashing the Power of Mindset in 5 Simple Steps

It’s the big day: you’ve been invited to give a talk on your work to an auditorium of your peers. You’ve looked forward to this day ever since the beginning of your career — nothing can stop you now. But as you stand on stage, suddenly, your heart races. Shivers run down your spine, your […]

Public speaking

How to Manage Public Speaking Anxiety: Everything You Need to Know

Before I get on stage, I check in with my body: I notice my heart’s rhythm, and from there, imagine expanding that energy through my arms, down to my feet, my presence firmly planted on the ground. I imagine that energy expanding and filling the room. In that single moment, this is no longer an […]