Talk to Magie

Magie’s Secret to Overcoming Obstacles

Great Leaders Think
Outside The Box

One of the most powerful qualities that set apart great leaders is their ability to shift their mindset in the face of obstacles. If something is not working, they persevere and change their approach 1000 times+ until they achieve their ultimate outcomes.

In this signature keynote, Magie takes the audience on an inspirational journey through stories of how she was able to overcome a seemingly insurmountable number of personal and professional obstacles to create her multi-million dollar salsa company.

Through real life examples, audience will laugh, cry and most importantly, learn about the tools and strategies Magie employs when she meets challenges.

When leaders adopt these practices, it leads to increased team trust, more creative thinking, and a higher capacity for dealing with change.

Program Takeaways

As a result of attending this program, attendees will:

  • Develop a more positive and productive response to challenges.
  • Use research-backed mindfulness techniques to get motivated and stay focused.
  • Take the time to uncover their purpose, contributions, and end goal.
  • Take responsibility for their role as a leader to their team, clients, and organization.