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Mindful Success™

How to use your mind to transform your life.

Mindful Success™ is a step-by-step guide for anyone looking for a better, more mindful approach to accomplishing their goals and proactively creating their own opportunities.

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Discover the
Mindful Way
to Stay Focused, Build Habits, and Create Your Own Path to

Author Magie Cook understands what it means to overcome challenges, beat the odds, and carve out a path of personal and professional success.

In Mindful Success™ Magie shares her compelling journey starting from her childhood in an orphanage in Mexico to building a multimillion-dollar company from scratch.

You will learn exactly how Magie overcame every challenge, and the many ups and downs of starting her own company.

No matter where you come from, or what situation you are currently in, Magie details a step-by-step roadmap you can apply to accomplish your dreams.

Magie’s strategies are practical, research-based, and will teach you:

✔️ How to use your mind to transform your life
✔️ Why “No” is never forever
✔️ The law of instant manifestation
✔️ How to release your brakes and truly experience life
✔️ How to unlock your creative MAGIC

If you are ready to start to live your passion and purpose with no limits TODAY, then it’s time to begin your journey with Magie Cook’s Mindful Success™!

About The Author

Magie, born Magdalena De La Cruz Cook Garcia, is a Latino businesswoman, global keynote speaker, and speaker coach.

She is the founder of Maggie’s All-Natural Fresh Salsa’s & Dips, a company that grew into a multimillion-dollar business and sold with Garden Fresh to Campbell’s Soup at a $231 million value.

Magie grew up in poverty in an orphanage in Mexico. She returned to the same orphanage after selling her company to serve as the US Program Director. During her time, she helped organize the rescue of 31 orphaned children from a drug cartel.

Today, Magie delivers a message of resilience, perseverance, and personal accountability. She speaks to leading organizations about mindfulness strategies to open up opportunities and create success.


Why do some people find success while others miss opportunities despite facing similar obstacles? Get your FREE copy of Decoding Success: The 3 R’s of Highly Successful People to learn Magie’s no-fail strategies for success regardless of your goals. (Spanish-version included!)

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