Talk to Magie
Exactly What We Needed!
Magie had us laughing, crying, and rejoicing! She was a breath of fresh air and exactly what we needed!
Two Standing Ovations!!
I have never before shed a tear or laughed so hard at a commencement speech, nor have I ever seen a commencement speaker get two standing ovations!!
One of The Best Keynotes
Wow! Even though I heard you speak before, you still blew me (and us) away! Yours was one of the best keynotes in the 20 years of our conference. Thanks for sharing your story.
A Refreshing & Welcome Change
Your story was funny, ironic, engaging and your success was a testimony to your in venerable spirit as a businesswoman. You were a refreshing and welcome change. Voices like yours need to be heard by our industry.
Hit of the Conference
Magie is in high demand. She was the hit of the conference. Everyone was talking about her.
Bravo! I cried throughout your presentation both happy and sad tears. You have forced me to take a look at myself and change for the better. 
She is a Force
Magie is a true professional with an empowering, heartfelt story. She is a force and has genuinely risen from the ashes in triumph. She has been a real inspiration.
Brought Down The House
She brought down the house today. Everyone absolutely loved it and raved about it. EVERYONE!
They Were Blown Away
I have been receiving comments from folks, and they were blown away by her candid, “real life” discussion.  She has a special God-given gift that comes across in her spirit and it is contagious.
Was Magie not amazing?! We HAD to take a stand for her!
Resoundingly Positive
The feedback we received was resoundingly positive.  To sum it up in one word, the participants found you to be “inspiring”.  There were many takeaways for everyone
The Epitome of ‘Never Giving Up’
A real inspiration and raw delivery. Really took you on her journey to success. The epitome of ‘never giving up’.
What a Highlight!  
You were SO GOOD!   The audience LOVED your story! What a highlight! 
Glowing Reviews
A wonderful and moving keynote! There were only glowing reviews of her speech!
One of the Best Professionals I Have Worked With!
Magie is one of the best professionals I have worked with! Her personal attitude proves that the many obstacles that she had to overcome on her life path have made her a better, stronger and compassionate person.
I’ll Personally Never Forget
Your presentation yesterday was one I’ll personally never forget. The feedback from our attendees was the strongest we have ever received. Thank you for all you do.
Blown Away
Our President was blown away. Our community partners have messaged me about how much they loved your speech and their teens loved it.
The Perfect Kick Off
Magie Cook was the perfect way to kick off our first-ever virtual conference.  The attendees said it felt like she was speaking directly to them even on a virtual platform. She is the definition of grit and resilience.
Our attendees have been raving about your presentation. I love your authenticity and positive energy.
Home Run!
Home run! You knocked out of the park. You connected with us on so many levels, and we all can relate to you and understand your intent.


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