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Public speaking

Public Speaking Anxiety Statistics and How To Conquer Stage Fright

It’s no secret that public speaking is a major part of not only our careers, but our entire lives. No matter if we’re giving the most important presentation of our lives to an audience of thousands, or simply speaking with a small group of familiar clients, being able to talk clearly, powerfully, and without fear […]

Public speaking

Why Does Public Speaking Cause Anxiety?

Picture this: you’re standing in front of a sea of expectant faces, your heart pounding like a tribal drum, and your palms slippery with nervous sweat. Public speaking—the mere thought of it can send shivers down our spines. But have you ever wondered why this seemingly innocuous act can trigger such intense anxiety? It’s not […]

Public speaking

Top 10 Causes of Speech Anxiety That Create Fear of Public Speaking

When I was just starting out in my journey as a business owner, I never imagined how crucial it was for me to get comfortable, not only with taking risk, but with speaking to complete strangers about my work. Of course, it’s the part I look forward to most now — the opportunity to connect […]

Public speaking

Anxiety And Public Speaking Techniques: Unleashing the Power of Mindset in 5 Simple Steps

It’s the big day: you’ve been invited to give a talk on your work to an auditorium of your peers. You’ve looked forward to this day ever since the beginning of your career — nothing can stop you now. But as you stand on stage, suddenly, your heart races. Shivers run down your spine, your […]

Public speaking

How to Manage Public Speaking Anxiety: Everything You Need to Know

Before I get on stage, I check in with my body: I notice my heart’s rhythm, and from there, imagine expanding that energy through my arms, down to my feet, my presence firmly planted on the ground. I imagine that energy expanding and filling the room. In that single moment, this is no longer an […]