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"She brought down the house today at the seminar. Everyone absolutely loved it and raved about it.. EVERYONE!"

-Del W.  •President, AOF International Film Festival

"Was Magie Cook not AMAZING or what?! We HAD to take a stand for her. She shared her heart-to-heart experiences of how to let go of toxic relationships in order for your business to boom!"

-Sandra Y.  •President, eWomenNetwork

"Magie is in high demand. She was the hit of the conference. Everyone was talking about her."

-Marianne K. •TD Bank

"She is passionate, humble, engaging. Our students say that she was by far, the highlight of their day!"

-Catherine G. •Organizer, The University of South Florida

"Funny, ironic, engaging. I'm still laughing thinking about your speech!"

-Rick M.  •Vice President, JPMORGAN CHASE

"Home run!!! She knocked it out of the park... She connected with us on so many levels!

-Dave O.  •Vice Chair, SCORE

“Magie is a true professional with an empowering, heartfelt story. She is a force and has genuinely risen from the ashes in triumph. She has been a real inspiration.”

-Pam P.  •Executive Vice President of Business Development, Provo Financial

"A real inspiration and raw delivery. Really took you on her journey to success. the epitome of - never giving up"."

-Steven F.  •Senior Account Executive, GOGENCY GLOBAL

“Magie blessed us with her presence and her inspirational speech! I have been receiving phone calls and comments from the folks that were there and they were literally blown away by her candid "real life" discussion. My pastor even incorporated her story into his sermon yesterday. She has a special God given gift that comes across in her spirit and it is contagious.”

-Keith B.  •Regional Director, Florida SBDC at A&M University.

“It was an amazing event! Magie performed a wonderful, moving keynote! There were only glowing reviews of her speech!”

-Ali S.  •Marketing & Training Coordinator, Florida SBDC at UNF

“Humor, Vulnerability, Courage… Magie gave a riveting talk about the power of persistence, creativity and knowing your why”

– Greg Co.  •Ministry Consultant at Unity Worldwide Ministries


CEO & keynote speaker

As a CEO, Magie delivers customized keynotes with teams, leaders, and organizations about her unique insights that made her super successful in life and in business. She was given a Nobel Entrepreneurial Prize in Mexico, The Small Business Administration gave her the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the University of Charleston Awarded her into the Hall of Fame, and the West Virginia State inducted her into the Capitol’s Generation Next, 40 under 40. She has appeared in the media – TV, Magazines, and Newspapers, dozens of times.



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Give Back

Magie is a Board member of AFIRE Pinellas, a nonprofit organization that raises educational scholarship funds for mentally delayed kids.