"Was Magie Cook not AMAZING or what?! We HAD to take a stand for her. She shared her heart-to-heart experiences of how to let go of toxic relationships in order for your business to boom!"

Sandra Y.

PRESIDENT, eWomenNetwork

"She brought down the house today at the seminar. Everyone absolutely loved it and raved about it. EVERYONE!"

Del W.

PRESIDENT, AOF International Film Festival

"Funny Ironic, engaging. I'm still laughing thinking about her speech!"

Rick M.


"She is passionate, humble, engaging. Our students say that she was by far, the highlight of their day!"

Catherine G.

Organizer, The University of South Florida

"Magie is in high demand. She was the hit of our conference. Everyone was talking about her."

Marianne K.

Vice President, TD Bank

"Magie is a true professional with an empowering, heartfelt story. She is a force and has genuinely risen from the ashes in triumph. She has been a real inspiration."

Pam P.

Executive Vice President of Business Development, Provo Financial

"A real inspiration and raw delivery. Really took you on her journey to success. The epitome of 'never giving up'."

Steven F.

Senior Account Executive, GOGENCY GLOBAL

“Magie blessed us with her presence and her inspirational speech! I have been receiving phone calls and comments from the folks that were there and they were literally blown away by her candid  "real life" discussion.  My pastor even incorporated her story into his sermon yesterday.  She has a special God-given gift that comes across in her spirit and it is contagious.”

Keith B.

Regional Director, Florida SBDC at A&M University

“It was an amazing event! Magie performed a wonderful, moving keynote! There were only glowing reviews of her speech!”

Ali S.

Marketing & Training Coordinator, Florida SBDC at UNF

“Humor, Vulnerability, Courage… Magie gave a riveting talk about the power of persistence, creativity and knowing your WHY”

Greg C.

Ministry Consultant, Unity International Convention

eWomenNetwork – Reviews & Comments

“I’ve seen and heard many speakers in my 30+ years as an employment rights attorney in LA, but I have never been so moved and inspired as I was with you. ”  -Debra L. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I shared your story on a stage last week……., not a dry eye in the place!!!. ”  -Rae-Ann W. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, although you couldn’t see the tears in the audience, they were flowing all around. Your story is powerful and you radiate love. Thank you so much for sharing with us.”  -Kim G. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, your story brought a lot of tears! Plus a lot of laughter. Your story is so inspiring, and I’m so glad you joined us. Before I realized you’d brought your books to the conference, I had already downloaded it on Kindle!”  -Amanda P. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“The most iconic part of #ewnicon so far is stepping into my new self and being guided by the message Magie Cook. “Never start looking for people to model.”  -Jessica O. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“She had me at “never stop believing in yourself”! SHE IS MY SUPERHERO Wonder woman, why? Her superpower is PERSEVERANCE.”  -Dawn M. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I got SO much out of your time on stage and thought your story was/is amazing! You are truly an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for being there!”  -Lori A. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I want to be Magie when I grow up!”  -Bridget F. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I feel so lucky to have heard your story! You were such a highlight to my conference. Such an inspiration!”  -Brenda B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I thoroughly enjoyed your interview. In fact, we all purchased your book and it will be our book of the month.”  -Fatima S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“WOW! Magie Cook, you are an inspiration!!”  Wiseplace.org •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you for sharing your story and authenticity! You are an inspiration!”  -Nikki F. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“This was one of my highlights of the week, you both are superstars to me 🌟🌟🌟Love your book Magie Cook, it’s now in Australia 🙏  -Bron W. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“This was definitely one of the highlights of my time there… was telling someone about Magie’s story and she is now interested in attending the next ANE in Tucson and buying Magie’s Book! 🙌🌈👍🏼🥰 Magie, you are amazing and made such a difference! ♥️  -Kathy E. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Best interview ever! Thank you Magie for sharing your story and time!”  -Christie B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“We all were tearing up, so that would be a lot of welcoming hugs. 🤗 So glad to have met you!”  -Nikki P. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Your self-made millionaire success story is the best one I have heard, what makes it so special is your realness, frankness, and kindness!! I pray you to reach millions of people! My chapter members were in awe & cant wait to tell your story at our August meeting. God Bless!! 💞  -Rosemarie C. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, I can’t tell you how many times I have already shared your amazing story. Your fortitude, your perseverance, your rise over every obstacle—the “I’ll figure it out attitude—that kept you going. One leap of inspiration after another. What a blessing you are. I’m so happy you are an immigrant too. What an impact you are making. Was so glad we had a chat after your book signing. Thank you for sharing one of the most impactful stories I’ve heard. ”  -Rosie A. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“You are an inspiration! It was my favorite part of the eWomen conference. I bought your book for myself and sent one to my sister. Keep telling your story and inspiring others to follow their dreams!”  -Donna G. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“It was the best part of the conference You have amazing strong will and determination and best of all a dream that came true. Best of luck on your next venture.”  -Barb F. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you Magie for sharing with all of us. You are a gift to this world!”  -Debra E. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“This year’s conference was transformative and incredibly inspiring. Loved the ways Maggie and Sandra made us laugh and cry simultaneously while reminding us that we are all miracles.”  -Mayra S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, I was there when you spoke in this seminar and you touched my life in a profound way. Just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful heart and soul. You are an inspiration and a shining star! God bless you”  -Amy W. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“This powerful woman let her audience through an amazing journey of triumph through tragedy and then on to victory. This is Magie Cook. You absolutely must follow her, you absolutely must purchase her book. We are so grateful to eat woman network for bringing Magie Cook to the forefront of our minds.”  -EWN Phoenix. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“My heartstrings were strummed buy your compelling story. I fell in love with your heart the minute you spoke. It showed the depth of your heart. Your story is a compelling example of what we can be.”  -Dea H. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, your presence in conversation with Sandra Yancey were the highlight of the conference for me. I feel so aligned with your energy and purpose. Thank you for being you!”  -Susan K. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, I have never in my life been a smoke at a conference. I was by you today!”  -Etiene M. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie you are TRULY an inspiration to Everywoman in the room who doubts our ability to succeed and achieve goals.”  -Vivian V. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Watching you on stage at eWomen.  You are such an inspiration. You were meant to be an inspiration. YOU ARE.”  -Cheryl B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank YOU!! We need more woman to share candor and messages to keep pushing forward. The conference was great but your message was exactly what I needed to hear.”  -Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“A powerhouse of true inspiration, possibility, beauty, and strength. Magie gave a memorable keynote that will live in my heart and should always!” -Myra M.  •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you for speaking at eWomen conference. You are Amazing and Inspirational. Thank you for inspiring me to step into being more than I know I can be!” -Paula P.  •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“There is so much good in this world… Privileged to meet and listen to the story of Magie Cook. It’s inspiring hopeful improves anything is possible.” -Wendy S.  •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Today I got to hear Maggie Cook speak. What a truly inspiring woman!” -Sumelville S.  •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“This woman is a true entrepreneur WOWWOWWOW!” -Primrose Path Productions.”  •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Keep inspiring my friend, you were the highlight of the conference for me, thank you.”  -Amy D. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you, Magie. Debrah Englert speaks highly of you. I look forward to reading your book next.”  -Jasna D. •Entrepreneur

“I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you, Magie. Debrah Englert speaks highly of you. I look forward to reading your book next.”  -Jasna D. •Entrepreneur

“Very inspirational!”  -Dianne S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Amazing Inspiring Story!!!”  -Natalie C. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Was reciting your story tonight. Loved “being in the room.”  -Kelly M. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“This interview was one of my favorite parts of the conference. Thank you Sandra for introducing us to Magie and Magie for your inspiration and courage! Was glad to get your book too. It is what I am reading on my vacation this week”  -Brenda B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“OMG! Magie Cook Garcia I don’t even have the words to truly articulate the impact your testimony made on me. You were definitely the icing on the cake for the entire eWomenNetwork Conference. Sandra Yancey, you are a Jewel and Kym Yancey your team is amazing. Praying God’s continued blessings flow towards you. Yesss #POMPOM #iCheer4you”  -Shawanna K. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Amazing story! So powerful!”  -Tiffany Y. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, it was wonderful hearing your story and getting to know you over dinner. Please stay connected with us. I’d be honored to do anything I can to help with the next phase of your journey. Thank you for joining us.”  -Nancy G. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“SO grateful to have met you! Little women unite!✊🏻😊 SO Proud to have an LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 sister powerhouse represent and kick ass!👏🏻👏🏻✊🏻🙌🏻💜 It was nice meeting you! I proudly spoke about you to my women’s coming out grp!😊🏳️‍🌈 I felt empowered through your coming out and your story! I am grateful to Sandra Yancey!💜  -Sunny A. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you for taking the red-eye to share your story and your good work with us!”  -Jennifer P. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“You were the best part of the conference for me! You are so inspirational! Just remember $20 for the books. This is how I spend my mornings! Thank you for all you do!”  -Rhonda R. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Dear Magie Cook Garcia, meeting you in Dallas at the eWomenNetwork conference was one of my top three highlights. Your story of resilience and triumph brought tears to my eyes and re-ignited a fire with a touch of fierceness I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you, Sandra, for inviting such a high-caliber businesswoman and beautiful role-model of humble fierce leadership!”  -Sylvia H. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you for joining us and making our event even more special!”  -JoJo B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I’m inspired by both of you!! Thank you for sharing tor story with us Magie! Thank you for inviting Magie to speak at the eWomen Conference, Sandra!!!”  -Debra C. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie I honestly missed your time on stage as I was doing success coaching. I will share that I have heard nothing but positive statements from those that were in the audience, and today you and your journey were a topic of conversation at our local chapter event. Your book will be my next reading selection. May you continue to inspire!”  -Mary K. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“My favorite part of the conference. #ewnicon”  -Michelle C. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Denver Chapter of eWomenNetwork Denver already loves you Magie. As far as I can tell Sandra Yancey saved the BEST for last. Keep on Rockin!!!”  -Cheisty K. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“So many of my Atlanta members have spoken about you and how your time was their favorite. Your are a testament to perseverance and staying positive. I came home and told my 8-year-old all about you and she said: “I hope one day I can meet her too.” Made my heart swell.”  -Amy M. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, we truly loved your interview! What an inspiration!”  -Kricket C. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“You inspire me! Yes, it is time for ALL OF US to RISE!! Magie thank you for joining us to share more of your story. You have such a great presence and the way you share your journey is inspiring. So grateful to hear more from you last week. I look forward to following your continued success.”  -Jaime S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Beautiful inside and out!”  -Yvonne B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, you truly are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Your interview on stage with Sandra was the highlight of the conference. I can’t wait to read your book (I lent my copy to my sister who is here visiting from Bucerias Mexico!)”  -Allyson P. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I have been sharing with my co-workers here in Canada at my day-job about your powerful story. And my entrepreneur friends who were not at the conference as well have been hearing about you! Blessings and gratitude to you Magie!”  -Aime H. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie Cook you were one of the highlights of the conference! Thanks for the inspiration!”  -Bebe B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Wow! what an amazing story of moving from one orphanage in Mexico to selling her salsa company for $231 million.”  -Michelle H. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie was so inspiring and in alignment with #BANK #OneWorldLanguage and perfect put the bow around the idea we can make this world a better place.”  -Susan K. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Your message today was very inspirational!”  -Brenda S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“It was so great to meet you at the eWomen conference in Dallas on Saturday – you and your story are soooo inspiring!!”  -Sherry N. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Gosh! I missed your talk at eWN Conf and all the women said it was magnetic.”  -Adeta A. •Entrepreneur 

“What a blessing and inspiration. You are to so many people. God’s favor and love shine through you!”  -Nancy W. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“My daughter and met you at the airport Vegas, we now know your story….omg what a story, look at God. Continued Success to you, never stop telling your story. From Donna and Maya”  -Donna T. •Entrepreneur

“Thank YOU!! We need more women to share candor and messages of keep pushing forward. The conference was great but your message was exactly what I needed to hear.”  -Cheryl L. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Magie Cook. Her Story is incredible. Can’t wait to read her book!”  -Dr. Kasia S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Tu testimonio de vida es una verdadera inspiración de fuerza, coraje, fuerza de voluntad, perseverancia, generosidad y muchísimas cosas más.”  -Maria U. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I am sooo glad! It was a pleasure meeting you at the conference. Your story was truly inspirational. Thank you!!!”  -Malee. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you for your presence and your words during the EwomenNetwork event in Dallas, Tx.  It was very inspiring!”  -Susana V. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Watching you on stage at eWomen. You are such an inspiration. You were meant to be an inspiration. YOU ARE.”  -Cheryl B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you so much for flying out at 5 am to come in person to us. I’m sitting in the audience with tears streaming down my face because of your story of bravery out of suffering. Thank you for your role-modeling for all of us to prove that no matter where we come from, no matter our circumstances happiness is always a possible choice.”  -Sylvia B. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I so enjoyed hearing you speak at eWomen in Dallas and then talking with you by the photo booth. I shared your story with my children, and my adopted foster child (13 now, adopted at 9) was truly inspired. Thank you for being a light in the world and dreaming big! Have a great day!”  -Marquesa H. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Magie, heard your story today at our eWomen Cincinnati meeting! Truly inspiring.”  -Cindy B. •Entrepreneur

“I have finished your book! You showed up at the right time for me – I have been doing yoga for 12 days and have an action list that my team and I use every day. We have accomplished more in 2 weeks than we had been struggling with and frustrated with each other for not getting done. Thank you!!”  -Marty W. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I just wanted to say that I was so impacted by your courage and commitment, and I am grateful for the difference you are making in this world.”  -Brett S. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“It was wonderful to meet you at the eWomen event, you truly are an inspiration”  -Robin R. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I was privileged to hear your interview with Sandra Yancey at eWomen in Dallas. Your story is so inspirational … and whenever I get a little urge to not “stick” to something, your voice echoes in my head not to give up. You have made a difference to so many people.”  -Debbie K. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“I am friends with many of the women who were at the eWomen conference. Your story is amazing!!!”  -Kristen H. •Entrepreneur

“Exactly I am a Magie Cook fan! If you know somebody who has had to fight adversity she IS an inspiration. Such a powerful story. She is a warrior Woman”  -Dea H. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee

“Thank you for sharing your amazing story!”  -Linda T. •Entrepreneur & Conference Attendee


"Achieving a high level of fulfillment depends on the quality of your Spiritual growth, the significance of your contribution to the world and the caliber of your thoughts."

– Magie Cook