Inspirational Living

How do you stay centered, empowered and happy especially if you happen to be going through a difficult time? You focus your attention inward! You make a decision to take control of your life instead of letting life take control of you. Refrain from listening to the noise the world is making as it can be a great peace interrupter. That’s where inspirational living begins!

Imagine what it would be like to be born to poverty in an orphanage in a foreign country, being a Latina, a minority business owner and a member of LGBTQ in America? My life hasn’t been easy, but I had the motivation to grow, to come out of the poverty I was born into. I decided what I was going to focus on and created a company when I was homeless with $800 that sold to Campbells Soup many years later. I became a leadership speaker to share with the world that no matter how difficult life might seem, we still have the option to focus on our ultimate resolve, to focus on the journey of discovering our meaning. As a result of my successes, I’ve become a nonprofit speaker to support amazing causes that change the world and make it a better place.

We are also beings of change and growth, because I’ve learned that if we stop growing, we die. If something happens in your live that creates change and pushes you to the edge how do you see that challenge? Do you see it as good or bad? Do you see how you can use it and turn a certain circumstance to your advantage? That’s how I’ve looked at my entire life. As an example, due to the recent circumstances regarding COVID-19, I decided to become a Virtual Motivational Speaker, a Virtual Presenter, an idea to be able to still reach the masses with my message and inspire others to live a more fulfilled life.